Episode 3- Miriam Klein (Heartland Music Together)

20 Sep 2013 by Kara Vonderheide, 1 Comment »
Miriam recorder

Miriam Klein

Miriam Klein has a gift to share.  Growing up she inherited an early love for music from her mother, but as a shy child, after the age of 7 she abandoned her singing voice for the next 30 years.  Deciding deliberately to conquer her fear of singing out loud and sharing her voice with others, she now acts as a teacher for the international organization Music Together and director of Heartland Music Together. Miriam artfully articulates essential information on how music connects us all and helps us develop the “whole brain” from infancy to adulthood.   Whether you are a caregiver who wants to share music with your child in an intentional way, you want more information on how music impacts overall child development, or you want more support in promoting music development for your child, you will benefit from sharing in Miriam’s song.





Heartland Music Together (Miriam’s place): http://www.heartlandmusictogether.com/

Music Together (international): http://www.musictogether.com/

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One Comment

  1. Lynn Baker says:

    Thank you for the wonderful radio interview with Miriam. I was first introduced to Music Together at one of her centers with my granddaughter. I was so enamored of the program that I wanted to be part of this joyful music making. I currently work as a Music Therapist at a local ICF-IDD facility and the Dance/Movement Therapist, who also worked there, and I have taken the Music Together training and are now offering classes in Oldham County under the name Bluegrass Music Together!

    Thanks again for broadcasting the wonderful program Music Together!

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