Episode 11: The Kelly and Wally Show (Down Syndrome)

24 Jan 2014 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 11: The Kelly and Wally Show (Down Syndrome)
The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Many moons ago we had the fortunate experience to be placed in the lives of Kelly and Wally Collins and their brand new daughter Katy.  Katy’s now 14- but some folks you never forget- so we’ve kept in touch with the Collins family over the years as Katy has blossomed into a dainty tomboy with the nickname “Hollywood” (she can be anything she wants!).  We are forever grateful to Kelly and Wally for being so open, candid, and humble about their experience raising Katy in this episode, and especially honored that Wally would be in for our first “dad-cast.”  Man, is he a great example to fathers out there who can set the tone for their own family story (some of our favorite quotes include “she is the perfect example of what a human should be”and “it hasn’t been about us, it’s been about Katy”). They say laughter is the best medicine, and Kelly and Wally certainly provide us with some comic relief as they talk everything from birth and early intervention, to choosing encouragement from their own private village over recommended support groups, tips for navigating the school system and IEP outcomes, the importance of cultivating capability, how to stay connected to your spouse, and what to do when people stare. Oh, did we mention Katy has Down Syndrome?  No, we didn’t think we did either.

We apologize for the poor audio on this track (you caught us, we’re human!).  What sounded and looked normal to us in studio the day of recording was later discovered on the production side to be the wrong microphone setting.  To get the most out of this episode, you may want to experiment with listening through headphones or turning up the volume if listening through the air. Please don’t let our mistake make you miss out on this inspiring story all the way to the end.


Family Information Network on Disabilities (FIND) of Louisville: Phone (502)-584-1239

Down Syndrome of Louisville (support): http://www.downsyndromeoflouisville.org/

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