Episode 12: Monica Diasio, M. Ed. (Educational Consulting)

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Monica Diasio

Monica Diasio

Monica Diasio doesn’t want you to feel quite so alone when it comes to successfully navigating your child’s school experience.  With her multiple degrees in special education, early childhood education, and reading education, she spent twenty-five years cultivating knowledge and skill across many educational arenas and roles.  After retiring from teaching a few years back, she gave in to nudging from her professional village and launched her educational consulting business in 2009 .  Her menu of services range from family advocacy when preparing for and attending IEP/504 meetings, helping families select a “right fit” school, school and classroom consultations, and family and parent training.  In this episode, she leads us through what families can expect from special services at school, practical tips and organizational tools for maximizing communication with your team of teachers and school therapists, the differences between services in public and private schools, where to find factual information on your legal rights, and how to stick to the facts once you have them.  In this second-semester release, we also chat about finding the right educational fit and placement for your family before next school year, and why the principal should be the VIP on your school tour.  Stay tuned until the last segment when we put Monica to the test with the Learning Rx Brain Teaser of the Day!


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Recommended Links:

– Accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities:   http://www.wrightslaw.com/

-Check your local school website for laws, class options, and other information 

General Links:

Diasio Educational Consulting: http://diasioeducationalconsulting.com/

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