Episode 12 1/2: Review of French Lick Springs Hotel (French Lick, Indiana)

20 Feb 2014 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 12 1/2: Review of French Lick Springs Hotel (French Lick, Indiana)
French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort

In early February 2014 we hit the road and entered new territory by providing a special needs review for French Lick Springs Hotel in French Lick, Indiana.  Using our years of pediatric expertise to guide structured observations, we’re on a mission to provide families of children with special needs a comprehensive review of the functional environments at various resorts and entertainment venues to allow families to make informed decisions and an action plan for the best possible stay.  We think it says a lot about French Lick Resort that they were open enough to partner with us on this new journey.  Join us as we walk (or roll) you through the ins and outs of parking, check in, transition spaces, rooms and bathrooms, indoor/ outdoor activities, dining, quiet zones, and nearby attractions through the lens of families who always pack “extra,” even while on a retreat from everyday life.  We also provide a photo gallery below referencing some of the places and spaces we highlight on the podcast that are worth noting.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay!  We encourage and thank EVERY listener to this podcast to leave feedback in the comment section on the CONTENT of this review and how helpful it was to you and your family.

The audio player to listen to the episode is below the photo gallery.


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