Episode 14: Rebecca Scott (SPD: Sensory Processing Disorder)

20 Mar 2014 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 14: Rebecca Scott (SPD: Sensory Processing Disorder)
Rebecca Scott and family

Rebecca Scott and family

Rebecca Scott was a behavioral therapist for about 3 years before she became a parent.  When her prior training and mother’s intuition told her something was off with her second child, she persisted when doctors kept telling her he was “just all boy.” Eventually, a therapy referral led to her son being flagged for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and thus she began her journey of learning as much as possible about a condition many find to be rather invisible and difficult to understand.  Her son has now been making strides in therapy for over a year, and Rebecca has been amazed to watch his nervous system actually mature and change before her very eyes from the activities she and her husband provide. She’s passionate about the work she’s been given through her son and believes early intervention is the best chance at changing the game for him.  In this episode,  we probe Rebecca’s well-researched mind about how to tell the difference between sensory symptoms and behavioral actions, organizing the home for successful sensory input providing activities, and how a good nutritional diet supports neuro-work done in therapy. In addition, Rebecca has good advice on how to include typically developing siblings into the sensory plan, how to find support for yourself, and more.  Follow Rebecca’s journey on her Facebook page Mysensationalkid Livingwithspd.


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