Episode 15: Traci McAdams, RD (Family Nutrition)

8 Apr 2014 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 15: Traci McAdams, RD (Family Nutrition)
Traci McAdams

Traci McAdams

We are living in an age where getting accurate information about nutrition can be as elusive as a Twinkie left unattended.  If we are what we eat, don’t you just wonder sometimes if the stuff we put in front of our families these days is even… real food?  Traci McAdams, one of our favorite dietitians, stops by to serve up common wisdom on how to make mealtime more enjoyable, how to set mealtime boundaries at different stages of development, and how to distinguish a picky eater versus a problem feeder.  She’ll also add to our family encyclopedia of nutrition some new terms- like like “division of responsibility” and “dirty dozen”- and lesser known facts- like why dads can be the most important person at the table and the real reason vegetables will almost always get more nose wrinkles out of your child than any other food group.   If you have people in your family who eat, it’s probably best to grab your water bottle and a healthy snack containing at least two food groups and settle in to listen to this episode.  Links & Products in this episode:

Sponsor: Learning Rx Louisville http://www.learningrx.com/louisville-springhurst/

Deceptively Delicious

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals




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