Episode 20: Candace Meyer (Minds In Motion)

29 Mar 2015 by Developing Courage, 1 Comment »

Candace MeyerCandace Meyer is a pioneer woman of sorts.  After years as a reading specialist, she became concerned that children were struggling despite using the best academic tools she had available to her.  Her inquisitive nature led her to research why this was happening, garnering information from the academic world, the therapy world, and even from the realm of space exploration.  From this research, the Minds in Motion program was developed.  The program is designed to optimize a child’s visual processing, auditory processing, and motor skills by stimulating the vestibular system contained within the ear.  Through activities that incorporate the whole body, Minds in Motion outcomes have been shown to improve children’s academic, athletic, and social skills.  By keeping herself vestibular-ly fit, Candace, meanwhile, has been improving her plank (see photo)!



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