Episode 28- Iris Hatfield (Handwriting/ New American Cursive)

26 Jul 2015 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 28- Iris Hatfield (Handwriting/ New American Cursive)
Mrs. Iris Hatfield

Mrs. Iris Hatfield

Iris Hatfield, author of New American Cursive, has over 35 years of experience in the field of handwriting, thousands of writing samples, and as many success stories to show that having decent penmanship is about more than just good looks. Iris answers some pressing modern-day questions in this episode, such as why it isn’t too smart for our young ones to ditch all the pen(cil) to paper work and just start typing and scrolling their way through school, and what current research has to say about efficient handwriting helping acquired knowledge in other academic subjects become more stable.  She explains how her work with the Penmanship Council of America led to the development of a simplified, legible form of writing that appeals to boys as well as girls, solves some common lefty problems, improves spelling and creative flow, and gives children an overall feeling of control and success.  Iris also explains how a habit abandoned by our education system in the 1920s has been revived in the New American Cursive curriculum to teach the right skills at the right time to give young students a “hand up” when it comes to learning.

Also in this epsiode, hear our new RED LIGHT/ GREEN LIGHT segment, in which Kara & Lauren discuss the developmental/ parental activities they ran into this week that get our professional go ahead (green light), and which ones we wish everyone would just STOP (red light).  In addition, Iris gets her turn to play NAME THAT VESTIBULAR APPARATUS…and you’ll find out why she’s a big fan of our sponsor, Minds-In-Motion.

Resources from this episode:

Sponsor- Minds-In-Motion www.mimlearning.com

New American Cursive www.newamericancursive.com

New American Cursive You Tube tutorials www.newamericancursive.com/index.php/faqs/


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