Episode 29- Alan Simon R.Ph (Integrative Health)

9 Aug 2015 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 29- Alan Simon R.Ph (Integrative Health)
Alan Simon

Alan Simon

We love Alan Simon’s motto “If I don’t have science behind it, then I don’t deal with it.” Alan has been a practicing registered pharmacist for 32 years and owns a consultation practice that specializes in integrative natural medicine, clinical nutrition, herb and drug interactions, and drug-induced nutrient depletions.  Alan lectures to various support groups on nutrition, supplementation, and obstacles to health. In this episode he lets us in on long-held secrets to health you still won’t hear coming out of more mainstream sources, and he brought a big stack of research into the studio to prove it.  You’ll also hear Lauren and Kara discuss this week’s RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT and we play a round of NAME THAT VESTIBULAR APPARATUS with Alan.

Sponsor: Minds-in-Motion www.mimlearning.com

Resources from this episode: Missing Microbes by Martin J. Blaser, MD; Brain Maker by David Perlmutter, MD; www.integrativerxpharmacy.com

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