Episode 31: Rebekah Donovan, Public School Teacher (Kindergarten Readiness)

4 Sep 2015 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Episode 31: Rebekah Donovan, Public School Teacher (Kindergarten Readiness)

kindergarten appleBack in our day, kindergarten curriculum was kitchen set and dress up followed by recess.  But now days, “kindergarten readiness” has a whole new connotation, and Rebekah Donovan is here to help us understand what makes a child ready for Kindergarten beyond the ABCs and 123s.  You’ve heard from Rebekah before (Episode 9) when she used past experience to tell us what makes for a great child care center.  Now she’s stepped into a new role at an elementary school as kindergarten teacher in the public school system.  She lets us in on some tricks of the trade, some glossary terms parents should know, what teachers are measuring that may take away from instruction time, and how common core standards will effect your school year.  Listen to the end to hear her top three attributes she would love to see in every kindergarten student.  Also in this episode, Lauren gives a GREEN LIGHT to haircut generosity and Kara a RED LIGHT to herself for not being short enough…we also play a game of NAME THAT VESTIBULAR APPARATUS with Rebecca.

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