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4 Sep

Episode 32: Aimee Ryan, PT (Parent Experience Series- Adoption)

A few years ago, Aimee Ryan’s family decided (existing kids included) to expand from 5 to 7 members by adopting [&hellip

4 Sep

Episode 31: Rebekah Donovan, Public School Teacher (Kindergarten Readiness)

Back in our day, kindergarten curriculum was kitchen set and dress up followed by recess.  But now days, “kindergarten readiness” [&hellip

28 Jun

Episode 26: Ashley Benz, IBCLC (Breastfeeding/ Lactation Counseling)

Ashley Benz, MA, CLC, CD(DONA), LCCE, IBCLC has a lot of letters behind her name that should tell you she [&hellip

30 May

Episode 18: Lisa Powell, Ph.D. (Child Psychology/ Emotional Development)

We want Dr. Lisa Powell on speed dial!  As a child psychologist, she’s in the business of building up healthy [&hellip

8 Apr

Episode 15: Traci McAdams, RD (Family Nutrition)

We are living in an age where getting accurate information about nutrition can be as elusive as a Twinkie left [&hellip

6 Mar

Episode 13: Logan Murphy (Elevate Recreation)

Logan Murphy has some fun in store for you.  Acting on an idea born in college and making use of [&hellip

14 Dec

Episode 9: Rebekah Donovan (Child Care Centers)

Have you looked at the baseboards of your child care center lately?  Maybe you should…and Rebekah Donovan has some other [&hellip

30 Nov

Episode 8- Michelle Wright (Learning Rx)

Michelle Wright can make you smarter- guaranteed.  Intelligence quotients, otherwise known as IQ, have historically been thought of as something [&hellip

18 Oct

Episode 5- Mr. Bill Berndt (My Gym)

There are some artful people in the community who are known for their exceptional talents when it comes to working [&hellip

20 Sep

Episode 3- Miriam Klein (Heartland Music Together)

Miriam Klein has a gift to share.  Growing up she inherited an early love for music from her mother, but [&hellip

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