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9 Aug

Episode 29- Alan Simon R.Ph (Integrative Health)

We love Alan Simon’s motto “If I don’t have science behind it, then I don’t deal with it.” Alan has been [&hellip

26 Jul

Episode 28- Iris Hatfield (Handwriting/ New American Cursive)

Iris Hatfield, author of New American Cursive, has over 35 years of experience in the field of handwriting, thousands of [&hellip

13 Jul

Episode 27: Roy Foster, DMD (Children’s Dentistry)

We found the most entertaining dentist we could to swing by and give you a behind-the-scenes tour of your kid’s [&hellip

14 Jun

Episode 25: April Stutzman (Parent Experience Series/ Essential Oils)

April Stutzman feels like her family was given a gift in the form of essential oils.  As a highly intentional [&hellip

10 May

Episode 23: Becky R. Medley MS, CCC-SLP (Social Skills Development)

For this Mother’s Day release, Becky Medley puts on her “happy face” to have a direct conversation with us about [&hellip

13 Apr

Episode 21: Dr. Carl Paige (Personalized Medicine)

For Dr. Carl Paige, health care is personal.  Dr. Paige has been an independent health care practitioner for over 20 [&hellip

29 Mar

Episode 20: Candace Meyer (Minds In Motion)

Candace Meyer is a pioneer woman of sorts.  After years as a reading specialist, she became concerned that children were [&hellip

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