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6 Oct 2013 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on Support the show

microphoneSponsorship for the Developing Courage podcast may be offered by businesses, families, or listeners.

Podcasts, by their targeted and on-demand nature, draw a passionate and committed audience. Each Developing Courage listener makes a personal choice to tune in because he or she is 100% engaged in learning more about typical child development or special needs topics covered in our shows. We use analytical software to track downloads, so we can tell potential sponsors at any given time how many people are listening and be able to guarantee a targeted, invested audience appropriate to hear about their product or service. Although we broadcast from Louisville, KY, our shows and their content have nationwide and even international appeal and listenership.

A podcast sponsorship is simple. The hosts will read your :30 message prior prior to the start of the podcast. We’ll pause part-way through the podcast to thank you and read another short message. We’ll follow up at the end of the podcast with another quick message and encouragement for our listeners to support the sponsor.

We are also committed to using social media in a non-intrusive manner to become thought leaders in the industry of child development and special needs. We will use this following and our expertise to engage listeners with the good people and good products we feel are legitimately helpful to those in need.  Therefore, sponsors will also receive referrals via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver, therapist, or other listener who doesn’t have a message for the masses but you love what we’re doing and want to see more, you can support us here.

Support The Show

You can be a no-cost sponsor to the podcast by SHARING our content with anyone you know would benefit from or enjoy our shows. If you like us on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter @KYKidPT ( and @KYKidOT ( you will be alerted to new releases and other child development and special needs information we share.

If you’re a business or agency interested in sponsoring Developing Courage, please CONTACT US.

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