What is a podcast?

1 Sep 2013 by Developing Courage, Comments Off on What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording that has been digitally recorded and placed on the internet so you can listen on-demand (when you want, and where you want).  And because we know you love a great bargain, it’s FREE to listen!  We know, we know- you don’t have time to do anything else, so we’ll make it easy on you by suggesting ways you can multi-task while listening:

laptop imageHow to listen on your computer: From our website or Facebook page, select the episode you would like to listen to, then click the play button and the audio will play through your laptop or PC.  A nice feature of doing it this way is that you can stop and re-start the podcast easily, or listen while you perform other computer-y tasks you need to do.  Unless you have a laptop with wireless internet capabilities, we suppose you’ll be a little more restricted to listening in one area of your home or work (wherever the computer sits).

Activities to try while listening from your computer: wash the dishes, catch up with Facebook, make lunches, pay some bills, complete your WENUS (weekly estimated net usage statistics) report for your boss, stop your kids from interrupting you as you take a phone call (note the easy stop/ start feature listed above!)

tablet imageHow to listen on a tablet or personal reading device (such as a Kindle): Two ways you can try here- one is the same as the process listed above regarding how to listen on your computer, although because these types of devices are wireless, you can be on the move and not be tied down to listening in one particular area of the house/ workplace.  The second way is to install an app made just for podcasts, which we explain more in the next section about listening on smart phones.  You should still be able to stop and re-start your listening, but depending on the size of the screen on the device, or how well you navigate between screens, it may be slightly more difficult than stopping and starting from your computer.

Activities to try while listening from your tablet or Kindle (now that you’re a little less tied down): wash/fold the laundry, wipe a bottom, go to the beach, pretend to take a nap with your toddler (use your ear buds), eat lunch, wait for a meeting to start

smart phone with ear budsHow to listen on your smart phone: If you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone device, there are several podcast apps available on each of those operation systems that allow you to subscribe to podcasts you like so new episodes are always updated and appear automatically.  If you still have a flip top, no data phone, well- you’ll have to wait for your next upgrade to use one of these methods. Your options are: Itunes Podcast App (iPhone), Stitcher Smart Radio (iPhone/Android), Pocket Casts (Android), Podcasts! (Windows Phone).  If you’re super fancy-dancy and have Bluetooth connectivity in your vehicle, you can use your phone to zap through your car’s sound system and listen to a podcast just like you would a radio program while you drive (or, in an older model like ours, turn up the volume and sit the phone on the seat beside you- these mothers say tisk tisk to earbud use while driving!).  Radio Shack or the like also sells an inexpensive adapter cable that can plug your phone into the sound system of the car (older model with no Bluetooth) to broadcast the sound throughout the car.

Activities to try while listening from your smart phone: wait for a piano lesson to end, try to catch all the green lights on the way to work/afternoon carpool, count laps at swim team practice, wait for a birthday party pickup, knock out this week’s grocery shopping, finally keep your commitment to run on the treadmill

podcast symbol with headphonesOne special note about our podcast in particular is that it is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used as medical advice.  You have your own health care professionals in your community for that.  We are also 100% HIPPA approved and any names that are used during our programs are with permission.  There’s our disclaimer- we said it.  Now, go do something for yourself for once, and start listening!

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